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Old Regression by Leonardo da Pisa

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

After reading this blog post I thought a bit about endianness (big-endian is just bad), and while having a shower a theory came into my mind: Maybe Arabs had little-endian integers (meaning least-significant bit first) but wrote (and still do) from right to left (meaning least-significant bit/digit at the right). And when Leonardo da Pisa (Fibonacci) brought Arabic numerals to Europe, he wrote in the same style, not flipping the digits, hence establishing big-endian. In fact I could verify that with Wikipedia. But I also noticed that this “bug” has been there before, Indians write from left to right (Wikipedia told me about a coin in Brahmi written from right to left, but that was before there were any numerals), and they have always used big-endian. Thus Arabs fixed that issue (maybe not knowingly), but stupid Europeans did not get why big-endian is stupid. Furthermore, big-endian numerals look more like those stupid Roman numerals, and our usual way of vocalising them is like in Roman times. And because of Leonardo da Pisa there are those stupid architectures using big-endian representation (fortunately not x86, amd64), causing non-portability, byte-order-marks and all that stupid stuff. And left-shifts could actually be left-shifts and right-shifts could be right-shifts.

Short list of arguments for little-endian:

  • Value of a digit d at position i is simply d·b**i (b is the base). That would obviously be the most natural representation if you would implement integers by using bit-arrays. It does not depend on the length, no look-ahead required.
  • You can simply add numbers from left to right (no right-alignment for summation).
  • For radix sort you can begin from left.
  • Simple cast between longer and shorte integers without moving any bits.
  • You do not need words like “hundred”, “ten-million”, “billiard” etc., because you can interprete a sequence online without look-ahead.
  • Repeating modulo and integer division by the base gives little-endian-representation.
  • The least-significant bits carry more interesting number theoretical information.

Well, big-endian is more like lexicographic order, although I am not sure if it is clearly better for natural languages. For division you have to start with the most-significant bit, but—hey—division is obviously not as important as all the other operations where you start with the least-significant bit. Of course sometimes little-endian is not a good notation, for measurements one should use floating point numbers (in a decimal world called “scientific notation”) and the mantissa should start with the most-significant bit/digit, after the exponent to avoid look-ahead (unlike the scientific notation).

If Leonardo da Pisa would have thought a bit about what he is doing, there would not be all those drawbacks! Just my thoughts about that regression. ;)

Mango, Papaya, Pomegranate

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Hey guys, I found that in a German supermarket!

Mango, Papaya, Pomegranate in a German Rewe

Mango, Papaya, Pomegranate

Advertisement for fruits at Planet KDE, awesome, huh? Though Mangi for free would be much more awesome. That is not a satisfying reason for putting that at Planet KDE? Okay…
2009@copywrite by HR SCHUMACHER 8002

Small clipping

Hey, there is something funny in the picture! He cannot even spell “copyright” and he took “@” for “Ⓒ”. That should be relevant? Well, I want to tell you what I think about the role of “copywrite” in our society, it came into my mind when seeing this mistake: For most people copyright is really irrelevant, they do not benefit, they want to get paid for their work, and in those branches where people sell something the client could copy many times without telling the author, they sometimes utilise copyright, because they do not want to be exploitet, not the reusage is the bad thing for them, but the missing honesty, the client says it would be only for a small project and then he uses it unfairly. Today’s business models of some branches (music- and film-industry, not independent artists) strongly depend on copyright, but for most people it is just not that important, but they are not aware about it, thus they may not even be aware about how to spell it.

Es ist weg

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Oh, wie kahl sieht doch diese Fläche aus!

Leere Fläche unter dem Eisengießer

Öd und kahl

Ist das nicht eine Platzverschwendung? War die Welt zu eng für eine Botschaft, die sich nur auf sich selbst bezieht? Wirklich, diese kahle Fläche hat mich irritiert, als ich sie erblickte. Und der Eisengießer mit seiner Zange schlägt oben drauf, der Triumph der Arbeit über die Kunst, sozialistischer oder kapitalistischer Realismus? Wen interessierts…
Triumphierender Eisengießer

Der Triumph des Eisengießers

Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Mit doch einigen tausend Ergebnissen bei Google scheint der Spruch nicht ganz neu zu sein, abe ich fand es doch sehr schön, als ich die nette Bemerkung bei der Eisenhüttenkunde bestaunen durfte:

Metall-Statue: Ein Eisengießer

Der würdige Eisengießer

(auf einem Sockel) Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Und hier sieht man sie aus der Nähe, die schöne Aufschrift

Nun, worauf mag sich die Frage beziehen, auf die Statue? Vmtl. eher ein Standardwerk, dass eben zum Eisenhüttenkundegebäude passen sollte, wohl keine Kunst, es soll aber auch nicht weg, besser als nichts, also weder noch. Aber so will man das doch nicht interpretieren, wir wollen Selbstbezug! Na klar ist das Kunst und warum sollte es weg? Aber von der Machbarkeit aus gesehn ist es wirklich leicht zu entfernen. Spätestens wenn es dann weg ist, muss es doch Kunst (gewesen) sein! :D Es ist natürlich Kunst, die nur durch Bezug auf die Kunst existiert, aber das macht ja nichts, die Meta-Kunst findet sich doch überall in der Avantgarde.

Pacifistic SuperTux

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

PaX Tux
No, I am not writing about that guy, but about SuperTux, I think most will know about this free game:
SuperTux together with snowballs and a bomb
But what is he doing? Well, he is a pacifist and does not want to kill the snowballs, peaceful coexistence – I tried to play it without killing enemies, well, Nolok is evil, I will finally have to kill him, he kidnapped Tux’ girlfriend Penny, and of course Tux is frantic, but why should his slaves suffer? They should not die, however, I think numbing “enemies” is okay. Although that makes the game a bit more difficult, it is quite amusing. By the way: not all Microsoft- and Apple-employees and -users are evil. Unfortunately I could not prevent some suicides – bad working conditions at Nolok Inc. ;) At least I could protect some of them against their own weapons, maybe the falling block is a symbol for DRM:
SuperTux: falling Digital Rights Management block
Finally I made the level Entrance to the cave. You can find all screenshots here. You see – force is not always necessary, although I like playing Wesnoth. :D

iPad2 Released Internationally

Friday, March 25th, 2011

I have found out about one of the secrets of the universe, important documents about the creation of the universe have been leaked:
How god implemented the AEU (Aesthetic Ethical Unit) of most people… (a mathematical table) x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x??x??x?? ? euphoria, ideal, morality (new row) 4a 65 73 75 73 20 43 68 72 69 73 74 00 ? 5e 94 ff (new row) 50 6f 70 65 00 ? d7 30 41 (some rows left out) 41 70 70 6c 65 20 49 6e 63 2e 00 ? ff DC (don't-care) DC (don't care) (some rows left out)