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MeeGo finally dead, absolutely dead

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Some people could not believe it that Nokia’s deal with Microsoft killed MeeGo, a promising Linux distribution for mobile devices, though it had been arguable to drop Maemo and not using Plasma Mobile. I hope they will now believe it: Even Intel is dropping MeeGo, Tizen is coming slowly, probably not providing a full featured GNU/Linux (why should it be like that, if everything is HTML5/JavaScript-focused), providing no more big benefit compared to Android, Necessitas is there, Tizle is not. There is finally obviously no more prospect for MeeGo, forget it. I hope the are chances for Free Software and KDE on Android, although that is not optimal, no full featured GNU/Linux and has an uncertain future because of Chrome OS, I currently do not see any alternative.

Google learned how to write HTML

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

This morning I noticed that my Google crawler did not work, Scroogle failed, too. Well, Google has learned something: in HTML it is “<foo bar=”baz”>” and not just “<foo bar=baz>” (smart guys ;)), they changed their format and added quotes. That will probably increase network-traffic, accelerate global warming and cost millions of dollars, but for some reason they changed it, maybe better compatibility (only 36 validator errors!) – however, it broke Scroogle and my crawler. Scroogle has been fixed, my crawler has been fixed (by the way I have always been using tidy XHTML), everything is working again.

Are you still using Google?

Friday, March 4th, 2011


If you are still using Google, you may have noticed it: Yesterday (3. 3. 2011) they changed their search-page: When using the search-page clicks get redirected via<url>, even if you have disabled JavaScript (before there was an onmousedown-event or something like that changing the link before clicking it). Well, you really want Google to know about most pages you are visiting? They do not only track your search-queries, the links you are clicking, they also provide the Google-Analytics-Tool, collecting even more data from many websites. Well, there are alternatives:

1. There is Scroogle, a nice Proxy for Google, I trust them more than Google, because they cannot make much profit with your data.
2. Install your own proxy on your website (disclaimer: I have written it, do not use the example-installation, it is just to have a quick look at it, I will track your visits, install it for yourself!).
3. Addendum: There are the free, libre, distributed search-engines, e.g. YaCy (see also and Seeks.
4. There is, claiming to support privacy, I do not know much about it (found it few minutes ago), opinions? Addendum: A commenter informed me about DuckDuckGo, the page looks nice, and they claim not to track the users, too.
5. Access Google via a Proxy, without JavaScript or Cookies, and use a script to remve the
6. Do not use Yahoo, Bing, Exalead,, Baidu, Fireball or whatever, they are probably not better than Google.

For Webmasters:
1. Stop using Google-Analytics, although users can block it, it is not very nice (i.e. immoral), to let ingenuous visitors send their surfing-behaviour to Google, there are better alternatives, e.g. Webalizer and CrawlTrack.
2. Stop using Blogger or Blogspot, install WordPress or whatever CMS you like on your own, cheap webspace or your own, expensive webserver.
3. (addendum) Stop using Google AdSense or reCAPTCHA.

Google’s Android and V8 are nice, but the searchengine and Google Analytics: they are really problematic. Care about your privacy and about the privacy of the visitors of your websites!

I am currently using reCAPTCHA for this blog (as you may see). I am not sure, if this is okay, the privacy policy seems to be nicer than the normal Google-behaviour, but every visitor will send some information to Google, and they do not say, how they handle visitors not commenting, and who wants to trust Google? Okay, I will remove this captcha, I am realizing that it is probably really bad, any opinions?

Sorry, I have to apologise, I thought reCAPTCHA would be nice, because it helps scanning books, but… I have replaced it with a math-captcha, I know, bots can break it easily, I will see, what will happen. I hope it will block most bots.

You could at least try this to remove the spying-redirection-links and Adblock to block Google Analytics.