Finally upgraded to openSuSE 11.4


Today (yesterday) I have upgraded my openSuSE to version 11.4, I had been using openSuSE 11.3 before. Some days before I had screwed up some stuff with kernel updates and my boot partition (it was too small), removed stuff manually from /boot, used chroot environment, reinstalled kernel-stuff, not perfect at all, today again some problems afte the distribution upgrade, but after reinstalling the kernel and grup from chroot-environment (using an openSuSE 11.3+KDE Live CD), it worked. But since a few days (since the last 11.3 update with /boot ec.) it asks me for my luks-passphrase multiple time, but just the first time is important, after that it continues even with wrong passphrases.
However, let me talk about the upgrade itself. I do never upgrade from CD’s or DVD’s because I want to use custom repositories and custom packages, always using the network-installation for installing a system. Replaced the repositories, disabled the home:-repositiories, I do not actually need, replaced 11.3 by 11.4 for the other repositories. ;) Thanks to the openSuSE-buildservice this approach was successful for most repositories, few less important ones (like Ruby1.9) did not support 11.4 yet, choosed the factory-version. Distribution-upgrade – some conflicts, not everybody likes Python 2.7 – no pykde – more conflicts with libxml and boost_regex, however, not too complicate, one download failed, had to resolve the conflicts ones again (because of DownloadInAdvance in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf), but then I got all the packages. And after the /boot-issue everything worked. Nice compositing with fglrx from the official repositories, unstable KDE snapshots from buildservice-repositories and all the other stuff. The Wacom-tablet still works – although I wondered about the deinstallation of a package with “wacom” in its name – but without the graphical configuration, I do not need. WLAN, bluetooth, power-button, volume-conrol etc work, too, they have always been working. Well, actually I do not care a lot about distributions, but openSuSE provides nice packages and now I can say that I am up-to-date, KDE is running, that is the important thing. :)

I like the new artwork. :)

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  1. Argoson Says:

    this what differentiates Linux from Windows – the total separation from OS/Kernel and the desktop. I myself had at least a couple of times where messing with the desktop rendered it unusable. But the fact that i could still load the kernel, and access the internet so i could restore the desktop (KDE) made my life easier.

  2. The User Says:

    Well, for me it was the other way round, I had broken my Kernel, but I could start Kopete and a Webbrowser from the chroot-environment. :D

  3. drnn1076 Says:

    Hi, I have upgraded to openSuse 11.4, too.
    Although my wacom pen CTL-460 is detected and I can use it, the pressure detection doesn’t work :( .
    Do you have any idea how to fix this?

  4. The User Says:

    Last time it did not work updating X.Org helped. My configuration:
    xorg-x11-driver-input: 7.6-29.1 (provides x11-input-wacom)
    xorg-x11-server: 7.6_1.9.3-15.18.4
    kernel-desktop: (provides wacom.ko kernel module)

  5. drnn1076 Says:

    thank you very much for your help now everything works fine :).

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