Fun with a Wacom-Tablet and openSuSE

Fun! Graphics tablets! Oh, wait, why did I mention the distribution? And The User is not one of those great artists using Krita, he is a clumsy nerd. May it be irony? Maybe, but there has actually been some fun.

Okay, I started at 1:00 last night, I wanted to try a “Wacom Intuos2 9×12” (`xsetwacom list`, I guess it refers to the size) with openSuSE (of course, I do not use any non-GNU/Linux-system). Well, I had some weird problems: First I could just move the cursor, no clicks, then I installed some stuff, and I could use the pen as a mouse, but without pressure detection or anything like that and with an awkward behaviour: After having drawn a line (i.e. after releasing) the cursor did no longer move, until pressing it again or lifting it a few centimetres, drawing lines, hatching etc. are of course not possible that way. So I continued playing around, xsetwacom could not recognize the tablet, openSuSE’s xinput version has this bug, so I was very confused, although it is only a bug in the output and does not affect xsetwacom. I have upgraded X to version 7.6 using this repository, but now fglrx failed, ugly backtraces at startup. I started in failsafe-mode without fglrx and after short time the tablet worked with Krita and different pressures etc. It was 4:30, I was quite tired, and I went to sleep. But of course I wanted to get fglrx back, I know, it is a proprietary driver, but without it 3D is terrible and with fglrx my battery life is one hour longer (without fglrx only 90 minutes or something like that). I downgraded the X back to version 7.5, but after some time (maybe two hours of useless recompiling, reinstalling of drivers, rebooting) I noticed that ATI provides drivers for 7.6 at their website, unfortunately they do not provide official openSuSE-repositories any longer, so I had inofficial, outdated fglrx installed. Now I was confident, it had already worked with 7.6, upgrading, running the official ATI-driver-installation-script (it even generates a rpm, nice)… It did not work, I tried some source-version for the wacom-kernel-module and the xf86-input-driver, but it did not work. But finally I noticed that xorg-x11-driver-input had not been updated, probably because of the dependencies of the inofficial wacom-driver-rpm. And finally everything worked some minutes after 17:00 (I had been afk for few hours, and do not forget sleeping, so it took less than 16 hours ;)). It is awesome! The tablet is awesome! Krita is awesome! My drawing-skills are awesome, ehh, not awesome!

Long story short for those of you wanting to use a wacom-tablet with openSuSE 11.3:

  • `zypper ar “”`
  • `zypper dup`
  • Make sure, all xorg-x11-packages are now up-to-date
  • Install wacom-kmp-desktop (for desktop kernel) and xorg-x11-driver-input-wacom from some repositories, have a look at
  • Alternatively visit and install the drivers from source(git://, git://
  • Reboot, everything should works now

kcm_tablet does not work for me, maybe it will magically work after some rebooting, but for now it does not detect the tablet. However, the standard-configuration is okay and I can still use xsetwacom for configuring the device. I do not want to tell you about my attempts with UDBA-graphics-driver-installation and the long startup-times of fglrx.

My first work I have stored (the bamboo is a Krita-default-brush :D): show image in full size.

8 Responses to “Fun with a Wacom-Tablet and openSuSE”

  1. nigger Says:

    So the title is ‘Fun with a Wacom-Tablet and openSuSE’ and you didn’t include any hand-drawn penises made with it?

  2. Michael G. Says:

    Thank you very much. I stopped investigating into this wacom problem after one hour or two some weeks ago. So I’m happy that upgrading to the Xorg repo saved me a whole day. ;-)

  3. The User Says:

    Exactly, I commit that task to more talented people. I know there are experts being very active at this specific genre of art.

    @Michael G.
    So it works for you now? Nice. :)

  4. Will Stephenson Says:

    Thanks for writing this blog, I was going to write something similar myself, since I just got my hands on an Intuos4. Are you using kcm_tablet (now wacomtablet) from KDE:Extra in the OBS (here: It works for me out of the box on 11.2 but not on 11.4, because it seems that newer versions of XOrg reports the devices as X extension pointers, which wacomtablet is currently coded to ignore. I have a local patch to fix that and am contacting the author to see if is correct.

    Apart from that I’m interested to see how well the brush rotation and angle sensitivity works in Krita, any experience with that?

  5. The User Says:

    It does not work for me with 11.3, indeed I am using some buildservice-KDE-repos (unstable), there I got the package from.

    Brush rotation: works: *g*

    Angle sensitivity: works, but smaller angle ? less pressure, you have to care about that and it is not possible to combine angle and pressure for a single property, but you can set properties depending on tilt, x-tilt or y-tilt. Ask in #krita for more details. ;)

  6. Martin Says:

    I have a bluetooth Wacom tablet. Despite reading a bunch of Wacom howtos I never got it to work, beyond functioning as a mouse. Do you know if those are supported at all and, if so, how to get them to work?

  7. The User Says:

    No, I do not know, but:
    lists few bluetooth-devices, so it should work with the right versions of everything. Maybe your problem is not bluetooth-related. ;)

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    [...] The User's blog » Blog Archive » Fun with a Wacom-Tablet and openSuSE [...]

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