iPad2 Released Internationally

I have found out about one of the secrets of the universe, important documents about the creation of the universe have been leaked:
How god implemented the AEU (Aesthetic Ethical Unit) of most people… (a mathematical table) x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x?x??x??x?? ? euphoria, ideal, morality (new row) 4a 65 73 75 73 20 43 68 72 69 73 74 00 ? 5e 94 ff (new row) 50 6f 70 65 00 ? d7 30 41 (some rows left out) 41 70 70 6c 65 20 49 6e 63 2e 00 ? ff DC (don't-care) DC (don't care) (some rows left out)

5 Responses to “iPad2 Released Internationally”

  1. Framp Says:

    Ahahah, brilliant xD

  2. hate-engine Says:

    LOL xD

  3. umm Says:

    Someone explain this one to me, please. :(

  4. The User Says:

    Have you read the mouseover-text? It contains some hints. And you should be aware about don’t-cares.

  5. The User Says:

    The most brilliant thing about it is my handwriting. :D

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