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I just want to inform you about a really nice Kile-Feature-Fork: Kile Inline Preview.
When you install this patched version of Kile you will get embedded preview-images for your formulas. That is really nice, because you want to have WYSIWYM, and a rendered formula looks more like what you mean than LaTeΧ-formula-code, while “normal” text-mode commands are more expressive than the rendered version. When you move the cursor into the preview-image, it will disappear and you can edit the formula or view the code. I think it is really nice, it even works properly. Maybe it could be merged one day into git, because it is not so nice to have to wait for the developer (nice guy ;)) updating the Kile-version used by the repository (I think he is still using a SVN-version). I love this feature! In my opinion that makes Kile better than LyΧ or TeΧMacs. Try it yourself!

The User

Too lazy and tired, to create a screenshot, maybe tomorrow. :D

Here it is! The cursor is currently at line 21.

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  1. Locke Says:


    a screenshot would be indeed very nice. Right now I cannot see any advantage over the current formula preview option of kile.


  2. Andrius Says:

    Kile uses git repository, not svn. I’ve helped to migrate it a few months ago.

  3. The User Says:

    Yes, I know, but the developer is still using a SVN-version, I think.

    Wait :D

  4. Claudio Says:

    I have downloaded your build (from lanchpad) and it looks amazing. It is blazingly fast and the formula preview is very well integrated into the editor.

    Are you talking to the kile development team to make mainstream your changes?

    Keep us updated



    PS: There is a problem in your .deb: it files because it tries to overwrite /usr/bin/kile, so you have to manually remove the ‘official’ release. It would be nice to have both side-by-side, to be able to give you feedback on your changes, while having the mainstream as a last-resort in case a deadline is getting close :).

  5. The User Says:

    I am not the developer, when talking about “the developer” I do not mean myself (unlike when I am talking about “the user”, then I am talking about myself :D).

    It is there, I hope it gets clear now.

  6. Jorge Says:

    Many people will love this. Personally while I have such modes for emacs I rather not use them. It makes editing those bits slower and I’m always looking at the end result anyway.

    Now what I do find very useful are certain hints that can help speed up your writing. For instance in emacs if I type $x_{n+1}$ the {n+1} will show up in subscript. This is great because if you forget the brackets only the n will be lowered and you immediately notice something wrong.

  7. Luis Says:

    This is very cool. Thanks for your work.
    Is it possible to the same with figures?

  8. The User Says:

    It is pretty fast for me and all that \frac-stuff is not easy to read.

    It would be possible, if somebody would implement it. ;) Maybe instead of the inline-preview an on-mouseover-preview would be nice for figures/formulas which would not fit into the editor.
    And it is not my work, the author Fabian Gundlich, I have just written a blog-post about it.

  9. Jorge Says:

    @The User

    Like I said, not easy to read for me is not a problem, as there’s always the DVI a simple alt+tab away. And I’m constantly looking at the DVI anyway. It’s not that it slows down the editor. It slows me down. Before for the formula I looked at the DVI and for the code at the editor. Now the formula appears in both and the code is hidden. What if I want to write similar code to the previous one… now it’s hidden and I have to rethink it. Or I want to past a particular bit of the formula… need to move from preview to code… all this slows *me* down.

  10. The User Says:

    Yes, there is some clicking-overhead for switching, but it is implemented in a quite neat way, just move the cursor to the formula and you will get the code, move it away and you will get the preview, and alt+tab is also overhead. But of course it is also a personal issue, I am not that often looking at the generated PDF.

  11. fabian Says:

    I am the developer of KileIP (meaning myself :)). Thank you very much for the blog entry and the many replies. I am happy that others appreciate this feature too.
    Merge with Kile: First of all, I have merged a git version of kile into KileIP. I am going to repeat this from time to time. I dont see a better solution to the problem that KileIP is often a few steps behind Kile. I have asked the developers of Kile if they would like to use the code but they answered that they like the idea but they do not want to insert it into Kile yet, as there remain some issues. The most important one is that KatePart doesn’t support images so I had to use the dirty hack to paint previews on top of the code if they fit.
    About the .deb file: I am working on this issue but I dont have any experience in packaging so this may take some time. The current .deb package is also a very old version with many bugs and missing features.
    About preview for figures: At the moment you can edit /usr/local/share/apps/kile/parser/maths.txt (potentially another path) to make any environment/command previewable. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help editing this file. I am also going to add more such environments/commands.
    Mouseover previews: In my eyes this is also a great suggestion. I will try to implement it. If the flying spaghetti monster wants, I will succeed. :)

  12. Najmul Says:

    Hi everybody.
    I’m using ubuntu. In my laptop kileip is working( unintentionally I have install it. I don’t know how). I am trying to install it in my desktop. But I’m unable to do it. Can sombody tell me details procedure how to install it.

  13. The User Says:


    I do not know aboud any packages for it. Probably you have to compile it from source:

    bzr branch lp:kileip
    cd kileip
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..
    sudo make install

    (you will need bzr and some KDE and Qt dev-packages.

  14. fabian Says:

    The project has moved to gitorious (to make it easier for me to update Kile):

    Please use “git clone git://” to download the source code.

    KileIP conflicts with Kile (it replaces /usr/bin/kile, etc.). However, you can simply switch off the inline preview in the menu.

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