MeeGo? Where are you?

There is a rumour that a small Finish company called Jolla lead by ex-Nokia-employees is trying to revive MeeGo. (here, here and hier) Is there a new chance for a real GNU/Linux mobile operating system with great hardware support being free like in freedom, not free like in Android? And they want to use Qt instead of this hip, kinky HTML5+JavaScript (cf. Tizen). Sounds like really good news, but unfortunately I am not that confident. There have been so many setbacks. Maybe it will stay a dream in the near future. :( What are your opinions about it?

Yes, I know about Mer. However, I cannot judge its current state, of course I hope there will not be too much fragmentation of Mer/MeeGo/Jolla/Tizen.

3 Responses to “MeeGo? Where are you?”

  1. Benjamin Kay Says:

    Will it go back to using debian packages?

  2. Rodrigo Says:

    They said they´ll use Mer as base.

    @Benjamin No, they will use rpm.

  3. jospoortvliet Says:

    So if it’ll be based on Meego & Mer, it will share a common base with Plasma Active, that’s a plus in my book. And with openSUSE, as Mer/Meego share lots of the plumbing like Zypper and build tools like the Open Build Service… Again a good thing I’d say. Looks like Jolla intends to build on a solid base.

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