Not everything about the Nokia-Microsoft-Deal is bad

At least Miguel de Icaza, founder of Gnome and Mono, thinks in a quite positive way about this deal, thank you, whilo, for the link. Well, what the hell is he talking about? He is a C# fanboy and he thinks abandoning MeeGo in favour of Windows Phone 7 is good for C#. I have always thought that there are some ideals which are more important to care about that the spread of a language, however, let us have a look at some arguments:

Although some open source advocates might see this as a set-back for Linux, Android is already the best-selling Linux OS of all times.

Oh, yes, we are just fatuous idealists, why should we care about the spread of Free Software if there is a free alternative? Wel, of course we should not care about the spread of digital restrictions management, because we can use our devices without DRM, etc. Sorry, that is ignorant, such a proprietary system like WP7, not even allowing GPL-programs, will certainly do harm.

This is fascinating turn of events for C# developers as Nokia will make WP7 more relevant in the marketplace, making C# the lingua-franca of all major mobile operating systems.

Wrong, according to his one diagrams C# had already been a lingua-france before the introduction of WP7. But there had been other linguae-francae, too, like C++ and EcmaScript, but he wants to support monopolists like Microsoft and the monopolism of a single programming language, why should there be choice? For the loss of freedom and choice he uses the euphemism “simplification”, aren’t iPhones quite simple, huh? Well, he did not mention MeeGo, which does not support Mono/.NET/C#, however, there was a Mono-port for Maemo, I am sure it would have been easily possible for MeeGo, too, why does he accept .NET – only WP7 is using .NET and Silverlight – and does not want Mono to be the “runtime-franca” for all devices? And of course he does not care about the millions of Symbian-devices, which support C++, Qt and EcmaScript/JavaScript.

We advise our users to split their user interface code from the engine, or their business logic. Developers should create a native experience for their mobile apps: one per platform.

Of course it is a good thing to split GUI and programm logic. But do you write different user-interfaces for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X? Is that useful? No, you can simply use Qt, QWidgets, Plasma or whatever and it will be an interface well usable with any keyboard and mouse input devices. But for different smartphone-systems you want to rewrite the whole user-interface? Having 3.5″ or 4″ multi-touch devices running Symbian, MeeGo, Android, WP7, iOS or WebOS, why should they get seperate interfaces written using different APIs etc.? That is nonsense, it would have been nice with C++ and Qt for Symbian, MeeGo, Android and iOS, or even an approach using C# may be better when using the same Mono-runtime with the same GUI-libraries (maybe Qt) for every device.

This is a grand time to be a mobile developer.

Sorry, no, as I explained, Nokia using Windows Phone 7 does not make the situation better, and it is a really bad time for Free Software. Why should there room for somebody like him in Free Software communities? I do not get it, he can start working for Microsoft if he wants to.

Sorry, but everything about the Nokia-Microsoft-deal is bad.

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  1. Anonym Says:

    Android, despite all its popularity as a FOSS platform, has a pretty bad community. While the platform is quite open-source, the applications are hardly so, and the community is even worse when it comes to revealing even simple tricks.

    I was waiting for MeeGo to change the market with all the spirit behind it, but alas.

  2. The User Says:

    Yes, Android is Linux, but whe looking at the communities it has less to do with the important Free-Software-communities (Freedesktop, GNU, Gnome, KDE,, Apache, etc.) than e.g. FreeBSD, although most people usually associate such communities with the term “Linux”.

    Let us hope that Necessitas will limit the damage.

  3. David (FSF Supporter) Says:

    “he can start working for Microsoft if he wants to.”

    Mr de Icaza is a director of CodePlex and is thus, in my eyes, an employee of MS already as his payment for that service is made by Microsoft. The Free Software Foundation, a long time back, removed Mr de Icaza from its board following his refusal to take actions to ensure that MONO was as free as possible from contentious code that could be held liable to legal claims from Microsoft…to quote Richard Stallman on Mr de Icaza,

    “Miguel de Icaza “is basically a traitor to the Free Software community” This was in response to my question about the new Microsoft “Open Source” labs. He went on to say that Miguel’s involvement in the project doesn’t give much confidence as he is a Microsoft apologist. The project looks to be concerned with permitting “Open Source” programs to work on the Windows platform and thus divert valuable developer time away from free platforms such as Gnu/Linux.

    Mono framework is not so much of a problem, but C# shouldn’t be used in core apps as legal problems would be hard to work around. Recommends uninstalling any apps using C#.”

    The Free Software Foundation has already acted to mitigate the copyright/patent issues and general “closedness” of Android by forming the IcedRobot project which seeks to offer a workable alternative via a stack consisting of GNU Linux, GNUDroid, GNUBishop and OpenJDK. This stack would avoid the issues involved in the Oracle/Google dispute re Java infringements and give a completely end to end open source solution with all development in an open and accessible framework.

  4. jscurtu Says:

    for me , de Icaza is someone I just cant take serios !
    I wonder why he started the Gnome project anyway? Now he gets in bed with Microsoft , and he is’nt even a shamed of what drops out of his mouth..
    Does he even use Linux?

  5. Fri13 Says:

    I must join to group asking what the frak is wrong with Miguel de Icaza?
    All what text what I always read from him, are fanatic and very short sighted.
    Not even technically good, but even by ethically everything is wrong.

    Basicly he simply acts like “Devils bitch” or “secret partner of axis of evil”.

    I can see his viewpoint and how twisted it is. But just can not understand why he can not see how harmful things he is doing towards F/LOSS communities and its brand!

    If Miguel de Icaza is a person who generates mistrust to F/LOSS, the other near “there” is the propaganda of GNU/Linux as Linux kernel is not the operating system from GNU/FSF.

    So far I have not seen any well coded C#/.Net software what would work as planned. Were it a Silverlight, Mono or any official/un-official application using them etc.
    Who really would like to use C# when it is really slow and memory hog technology?

  6. The User Says:

    If Miguel de Icaza is a person who generates mistrust to F/LOSS, the other near “there” is the propaganda of GNU/Linux as Linux kernel is not the operating system from GNU/FSF.
    I do not get your point, why should we not speak about GNU/Linux or KDE/GNU/Linux when not talking about the Kernel and not talking about Android and stuff like that.

    Who really would like to use C# when it is really slow and memory hog technology?

    Well, we should not ignore that C# is not that bad. It is definitely much nicer than Java and the performance is much better than Ruby or Python, languages used by many KDE-guys. C++/Qt is a nice alternative, but it is not perfect, involving a lot of outdated technologies, maybe there could be a better alternative (Scala, D, something new…).

  7. Fri13 Says:

    “I do not get your point, why should we not speak about GNU/Linux or KDE/GNU/Linux when not talking about the Kernel and not talking about Android and stuff like that.”

    Because Linux kernel is operating system (as it is not a microkernel) and if we are about talk operating system, we should talk only about Linux, HURD, FreeBSD and others. GNU/Linux would mean Linux OS + GNU development tools = development platform. But GNU/Linux would not be anyway important to talk for normal people. KDE SC is very important for normal users as it rules the GUI and Linux important as it rules OS.
    If we want to talk about GUI likes KDE SC, then we should talk only KDE SC it. When we want to talk about OS, we talk about Linux or HURD (or other OS’s). If we want to talk some middleware (system libraries, system programs or similars) or development tools we can talk more about GNU (or then talk about GNU project as whole what includes GNOME and many other software).

    “Well, we should not ignore that C# is not that bad. It is definitely much nicer than Java and the performance is much better than Ruby or Python, languages used by many KDE-guys.”

    Well, every language has some way strength over other languages and vice versa. But C# is currently too risky to be used by giving a leverage to MS to prise their technologies everywhere to maintain their changes to control IT world.
    At some points, such companies and technologies need to be pulled down who abuse their power on the market by trying to forcefying control what need to be bought and forces people to buy their products. Open Source is great at that point that it really does not allow anyone to rise above others so it keeps game field balanced and fair.

  8. Emanuel Says:

    ” maybe there could be a better alternative (Scala, D, something new…).”

    I got in Touch with google go for a few days and its very interesting from that what i Know about it. I think it could get something big if stable versions (w/o Big Language changes) gets out.

  9. The User Says:

    I do not like Google Go, dynamic typing, no OOP, no value-semantics for own types, now overloading, no exceptions, nothing. They say it would not be important, it sounds like it is only good for quick development af parallelized stream processing, and – sorry – there are also other tasks than parallelized stream processing.

  10. bero Says:

    Icaza IS a Microsoft employee (through CodePlex) and probably has always been in bed with Microsoft. Look at his claims to fame:

    KDE was starting to do really well and provide a decent alternative to Windows.
    So what does Icaza do? Slam KDE, and launch a new desktop initiative based on the UI library with the worst API ever (non)designed, GTK.

    So normally nobody would care, but he uses his network to push the “KDE is not free” crap to get big names to support his “make Linux on the desktop non-viable” project, AKA GNOME.

    Mission accomplished – even though the Qt license issue has long been resolved and would have been resolved by the Harmony project that was already there when GNOME started, the Linux desktop community is permanently split, and the major distributions push the one with an API that makes developers looking into it run back to MFC or Cocoa, now convinced that “Linux sucks”.

    But that wasn’t enough for him, next thing he saw Microsoft pushing C#, so naturally he wants Microsoft to achieve world dominiation with that while not making them lose any market share.

    So he creates Mono to create the perception that C# is portable, while always making sure Mono is behind the Microsoft implementation, and depends on GTK and other crap. He once again uses his network to successfully push Mono over the at the time much superior PNet.

    Follow his true intentions – of course Icaza hates MeeGo – it uses Qt (a technology Microsoft is truly scared of because it allows real compatibility across platforms, they can do little to stop it in their OSes [unlike what they did with e.g. their corrupted Java implementation], and because its API is years ahead of the likes of MFC).

    The only thing I don’t get is why anyone in the Linux/Free Software/Open Source communities still takes him seriously instead of seeing him as the covert Microsoft employee he has always been.

  11. The User Says:

    Well, but normal people do not talk about kernels, but they are talking about Linux.

  12. dipesh Says:

    The thing is that Mono is NOT .NET. Windows Phone 7 ist .NET and NOT Mono.

  13. The User Says:

    And what are the consequences, what do you want to tell us? :D

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