Pacifistic SuperTux

PaX Tux
No, I am not writing about that guy, but about SuperTux, I think most will know about this free game:
SuperTux together with snowballs and a bomb
But what is he doing? Well, he is a pacifist and does not want to kill the snowballs, peaceful coexistence – I tried to play it without killing enemies, well, Nolok is evil, I will finally have to kill him, he kidnapped Tux’ girlfriend Penny, and of course Tux is frantic, but why should his slaves suffer? They should not die, however, I think numbing “enemies” is okay. Although that makes the game a bit more difficult, it is quite amusing. By the way: not all Microsoft- and Apple-employees and -users are evil. Unfortunately I could not prevent some suicides – bad working conditions at Nolok Inc. ;) At least I could protect some of them against their own weapons, maybe the falling block is a symbol for DRM:
SuperTux: falling Digital Rights Management block
Finally I made the level Entrance to the cave. You can find all screenshots here. You see – force is not always necessary, although I like playing Wesnoth. :D

3 Responses to “Pacifistic SuperTux”

  1. Trurl Says:

    Well, it seems to me that it is YOU and not Tux who’s the pacifist here. Could it be that Tux’s right to self-determination is violated by you? You don’t let Tux live out his sheer fury and hatred. See the picture above. Tux holds a bloody axe, his eyes are red with bloodlust. He surely drools over snuffing out every living being in those levels.

    I think this is just natural. Tux just always has to look nice, he’s not needed for anything else than being the nice little fat penguin. I also would kill everyone everywhere if I were him. … … I have to go…

  2. Martin Says:

    Did you consider adding code to the game to validate your pacific conduct, like in Nethack?

  3. The User Says:

    I have chosen a more simplistic approach: Whenever I kill an enemy accidentally, I kill myself or restart the level.

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