Looking for a good film? USCCB can help you!


today I want to present you a great website listing a bunch of films with quite accurate ratings: It is the Catholic News Service movie list (see also here) featured by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops! Various of my favourite films got the best grade “O” (morally offensive)” (seriously, do not read the reviews, just take the grades), including Mulholland Drive and Clockwork Orange, or also Funny Games, Black Swan and Watchmen, films I really like, too. Unfortunately they do not cover the films by Gaspar Noé, it would be interesting, whether they would recognise his great relativistic, pornographic, unsettling art, breathing the spirit of the worthless world.

Well, unfortunately it is quite easy to game this system: Just add any explicit depiction of homosexuality without saying “you are so bad, god does not want that!” and without letting the involved persons burn in hell, you will get the best grade. Even Lynch’s worst film (I have seen so far) Blue Velvet got the best grade – even better than Persona or A Space Odyssey. Quite funny: They interprete The Tree of Life like there is no criticism of christianity in this film—maybe they are so deluded that they consider the depicted absurdity to be normal.

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